Can anybody help me please to fix this problem.

I'm trying to make the things more flexible by using relative links to
external sites in site.xml:


                               <eplatformIntra href="../">





The reference to it looks like:

<a href="ext:as">as_knowhow.pdf</a>


Running the site ant-task I get the following error:

     [java] * [40/9]    [3/31]    0.728s 37.8Kb  kt/training.html

     [java] * [41/8]    [0/0]     1.64s  52.3Kb  kt/training.pdf

     [java] X [0]
../services/training/workshops/as/as_knowhow.pdf BROKEN: No flow in


The linkmap.xmap file defines for the 'linkmap' pipeline:  A linkmap is
a map from abstract ('site:index') to

physical ('../index.html') links for the current page.


The compilation to html works fine, because the pipeline assumes another
../, which points exactly to the right place. But the pdf pipeline
doesn't behave the same way. I don't understand this behavior. 

Is there any solution? Best regards. Markus