Hi Everyone,


I’ve seen a lot of email about copy/paste without ctrl-shift-alt, so I decided 
to try it out. I downloaded the 0.9.14 war file, added some user mappings, and 
fired it up in Tomcat 8.x.


I then added the clipboard manager to my Chrome browser. I opened a Guac SSH 
session, enable clipboard access, highlighted some text and was able to paste 
it into a textpad app running on my local computer. I didn’t even have to press 
Ctrl-C. Excellent! However, it looks like scrolling back while selecting text 
in the SSH session isn’t supported yet.


Then I tried copying some text from my local notepad app to paste it into the 
SSH session, but I couldn’t work out how to get it to paste. Selecting paste 
from the Chrome browser menu didn’t work, Ctrl-V didn’t work, and using the old 
ctrl-shift-alt window didn’t work. What am I missing?



Thanks & Regards,



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