On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 6:30 AM, Amarjeet Singh <amarjee...@gmail.com>

> Hi Mike,
Amarjeet, please avoid duplicating your threads across multiple locations.
Emailing both JIRA and the user@ list creates both a comment in JIRA and a
new thread on user@.

... the name of the redirected drive is not correct. ... NOTE : - I have
> changed the name of the drive from Guacamole to Cloud Drive in
> guacamole-server [ Is it is the reason ? ]

Yes. You have changed the name from a correctly-encoded value to something
which is not correctly encoded.

Amarjeet ... please try to be more diligent. The verification which was
ultimately done on GUACAMOLE-512 (the verification that revealed the
problem was not in Guacamole) is something that should have been done
before the issue was opened in the first place. This goes double if you
have made modifications to the source: if you wish to report a problem with
Guacamole, you need to actually be using Guacamole, not your own modified

- Mike

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