I now in the website we can edit a connection with a new sharing profile.
and I used the google postman with HTTP GET funciton and the URL is 
and I could get the result in json which are the same in database.
    "1": {
        "name": "test",
        "identifier": "1",
        "primaryConnectionIdentifier": "42",
        "parameters": null,
        "attributes": {}
    "3": {
        "name": "share",
        "identifier": "3",
        "primaryConnectionIdentifier": "44",
        "parameters": null,
        "attributes": {}

*Now I want to add a new sharing profile info through this URL with POST
However, I don't know format of the params.

Is there anyone who know the format of JSON params?*

For example ,when we create a new user, the format is below

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