Big thanks to the Guacamole team from the Voiland College of Engineering and 
Architecture at Washington State University! We're using Guacamole extensively 
in our area to enable remote work for the majority of our users.


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I also want to thank the whole team for this great project.

It is helping us a lot in the current situation to keep our business up and 

Viele Grüße / Best regards

Kai Zemke

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Here here!

Seriously, a huge thanks to the developer community and the Glyptodon staff for 
their great product and timely support, many thanks!


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Subject: A large thank you to the Apache Guacamole Team

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Hi Team,

 I'd just like the give a quick large thank you to the Guacamole team and any 
and all developers involved at this time. Due to the word situation now I've 
had to quickly implement something to allow many many users to now work from 
home and most likely without this system people would be stuck. Using this 
system as a base, It has enabled many people to just transplant themselves and 
continue working safely.

Thank you.



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