I'm trying to apply the example theme extension jar from this thread 
https://sourceforge.net/p/guacamole/discussion/1110834/thread/be2a6785/ to my 
running guacamole docker container. This is to customise the logo and title etc 
as supported by https://glyptodon.org/jira/browse/GUAC-587

I copy the example jar file to my container /root/.guacamole/extensions/ using 
docker cp and I can see the file is there after the copy but nothing changes 
when I reload the web page. I figured that the web server has to be restarted 
somehow to load up the new images and translations.

If I stop and start the docker container then the jar file vanishes from the 

I tried copying the jar file and then immediately doing a docker commit to 
create my own customised image but again when I run this in a container the jar 
file has vanished!

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Why is the extension jar file vanishing? 
How do I apply the example extension to my docker container?

Many thanks, Andy.

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