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> About the first question:
> - For guacd, have you linked the necessary Guacamole libraries into the
> FreeRDP lib directory?  The following thread should help you with that - the
> guacdr.so and guacsnd.so files are the ones you're interested in.
> https://sourceforge.net/p/guacamole/discussion/1110834/thread/76764d35/?limit=25
> A: The guacdr-client.so and guacsnd-client.so files have been linked.
> We want to first make a clean picture of the system we are running and see
> if it answers your other questions:
> - We have one EC2 with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS installed. We have deployed
> Guacamole in this machine.
> - We can use both VNC viewer as well as browsers (like Chrome or Firefox) to
> load the remote desktop via our laptops. Our laptops are also running Ubuntu
> and the sound system is working perfectly in these laptops.

Are you saying that Guacamole has been installed on the same machine
as the VNC server?

> - Connecting a local PulseAudio sound server directly to the PulseAudio
> server on the remote instance actually does deliver sound that we can hear
> on our local laptop.
> - We've double-checked the enable-audio setting, the added line in
> /etc/pulse/default.pa, and the `netstat -ln | grep 4713` result.

If Guacamole is running on the same machine as the VNC server, have
you tried specifying "localhost" for the PulseAudio server name in the
configuration of the Guacamole connection?

If not, have you tried specifying the IP address of the VNC server?

- Mike

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