Thanks I was already aware of most of that but was puzzled why when I even
set a higher resolution in /etc/X11/xorg.conf... the display still stays at
the lowere resolution?

On Karl Runge's (orig author of x11vnc) site there is a ton of great info
including how to dynamically change display from cli w/out restarting
x11vnc.  ( I will try this next).

But from reading the following:

It would seem what I had already done "should" have worked?


On Aug 9, 2017 9:50 PM, "Nick Couchman" <> wrote:

> So, I believe X11vnc is a VNC server designed to mirror a "real" display
> (physical system, for example) of a VNC connection, correct?  If so, it
> likely means that the physical display, and, thus, the X11vnc connection
> was started with a specific resolution, which is probably why you're
> getting that resolution.  1360x768 sounds very much like a not-too-uncommon
> laptop display resolution, although you did say desktop.  Based on some
> quick Google searching, it doesn't look like X11vnc is capable of expanding
> to the display size of the client, since it's copying a physical display.
> It's different from RDP in that regard - it's literally a copy of the
> physical display - RDP locks the physical display and switches over to a
> virtual display when you connect (almost like connecting an external
> monitor to a laptop and then switching over to that external display).
> If you absolutely must copy the physical display, I think you're out of
> luck, here.  If you don't care about the physical display, then you could
> start up a VNC server with whatever resolution you want, point it at a
> desktop manager, and accomplish what you're trying to accomplish.  There is
> some support for XRandR in VNC, though I'm not sure how fully it's
> supported, so I don't know that you could get the full resize experience
> you get when you use RDP, e.g. for various client display sizes, etc.
> Maybe someone on the list has better experience with Guacamole, VNC, and
> display resolutions - my experience is limited to RDP and SSH.
> -Nick
> On Wednesday, August 9, 2017, 9:02:59 AM EDT, brian mullan <
>> wrote:
> My remote connection is via X11VNC to an Ubuntu-MATE desktop.
> My X11VNC connections seems limited to 1360x768 at least when I  check
> Hardware/Display that is the maximum setting I see available?
> I did some searches and found this guacamole "resolution" description
> but in the Guacamole Connection config I don't see any option to do this?
> How is the above configured ?   I'd like to get it to match what the
> Guacamole RDP connection can provide with is 2492x1326.
> thanks
> brian

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