Hi, All
  DLR can improve MTTR dramatically, but since it have many bugs like 
HBASE-13567, HBASE-12743, HBASE-13535, HBASE-14729(any more I'don't know?), it 
was proved unreliable, and has been deprecated almost in all branches now. 

My question is, is there any other way other than DLR to improve MTTR? 'Cause 
If a big cluster crashes, It takes a long time to bring regions online, not to 
mention it will create huge pressure on the IOs.

To tell the truth, I still want DLR back, if the community don't have any plan 
to bring back DLR, I may want to figure out the problems in DLR and make it 
working and reliable, Any suggests for that? 

Allan Yang

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