Apparently, in the hive version that I'm dealing with users are required to
have WRITE permission on table's data directory to CREATE it or SELECT from
it, even if you specify custom LOCATION, or make the table EXTERNAL. Some

hdfs dfs -mkdir -p /data/test_perm1

CREATE TABLE test_perm1 (col1 STRING) LOCATION '/data/test_perm';

hdfs dfs -chmod 550 /data/test_perm1

performing `SELECT * FROM test_perm1;` yields something like

`Error: Error while compiling statement: FAILED: HiveException Permission denied: .. access=WRITE,

After that, executing

CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE test_perm2 (col1 STRING) LOCATION '/data/test_perm1';

yields a similar error.

Why would a SELECT or a CREATE of EXTERNAL table require WRITE
permissions?(Does the second one have to do with setting the sticky bit?).
Is this intended behaviour? Is this a bug in 0.14? Could some kind of
mis-configuration of Hive be behind this?

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