Do you use Tez session pool along with LLAP (as Thai suggests in the
previous reply)? If a new query finds an idle AM in Tez session pool, there
will be no launch cost for AM. If no idle AM is found or if you specify a
queue name, a new AM should start in order to serve the query. This is
explained in detail in the following article (see 'Understanding #4'):

Hence, if not enough AMs are available in Tez session pool, new queries
will have to wait until old queries are finished. If there are not many
concurrent queries, I guess using Tez session pool will solve your issue.

In a highly concurrent setting, Hive-MR3 practically eliminates this
limitation. In Hive-MR3, HiveServer2 in shared session mode launches a
single AppMaster to be shared by all incoming queries, so there is no
launch cost. Containers are also shared by all queries and thus run like

Hive-MR3 0.1 does not support LLAP IO yet, but Hive-MR3 0.2 will support
LLAP IO (which will be released by the end of this month.)

--- Sungwoo Park

On Mon, Apr 16, 2018 at 11:33 PM, Anup Tiwari <>

> Hi All,
> We have a use case where we need to return output in < 10 sec. We have
> evaluated different set of tool for execution and they work find but they
> do not cover all cases as well as they are not reliable(since they are in
> evolving phase). But Hive works well in this context.
> Using Hive LLAP, we have reduced query time to 6-7sec. But query launching
> takes ~12-15 sec due to which response time becomes 18-21 sec.
> Is there any way we can reduce this launching time?
> Please note that we have tried prewarm containers but when we are
> launching query from hive client then it is not picking containers from
> already initialized containers rather it launches its own.
> Please let me know how can we overcome this issue since this is the only
> problem which is stopping us from using Hive. Any links/description is
> really appreciated.
> Regards,
> Anup Tiwari

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