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rodrigo thread wrote
> I have an application that saves Rdd's spark with some values (key, value)
> to ignite cache, then I have another application that gets this cache
> ignite and extract these values (key, value), the problem is when you draw
> can not get the values and show them I'm using Java?
> IgniteRDD<Integer, String> javaIRDDRet = ic.fromCache(cacheName);       
> JavaRDD<Tuple2<Integer, String>> javardd =
> javaIRDDRet.toJavaRDD();
>     int j = (int) javardd.count();
>     System.out.println("values count =" + j);
>     for (int i=0;i<j;i++) {
>         try {
>             Tuple2<Integer, String> retorno1 =(Tuple2<Integer,
> String>) javardd.collect().get(i);
>             System.out.println(retorno1._1+" "+retorno1._2);
>             i++;
>         } catch (Exception ex) {
>             ex.printStackTrace();
>         }
>     }

If possible, please provide the full test that will reproduce the issue.
Someone in the community will take a look.


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