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newbie wrote
> We are evaluating Ignite for caches and have a REPLICATED, TRANSACTIONAL,
> write through and read through cache with zookeeper based discovery.
> Our server setup include some nodes in one data center and some in another
> data center for disaster recovery.
> Including all nodes equally in the cluster seems to increase the Ignite
> transaction time as the ones in other data center have higher network
> latency.
> We would like to configure the cache/cluster so that all cache
> requests/transactions are served from data center one and the nodes in
> data center two are updated 
> asynchronously 
>  for DR purposes. 
> Can you point towards what we should be trying in terms of
> clusterGroups/clientModes/etc.?
> Also, is it possible to switch the nodes in DR data center to start
> serving cache requests?

There is no out of the box support for this. You can span a single cluster
across two data centers, but this will come with a performance penalty due
to large network latency. If you have two separate clusters, you will need
to make sure that the data is transferred from one data center to another.

If you're interested, GridGain provides such functionality as a part of
their payed solution:


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