Thanks for this. I'll keep an eye on that ticket - it seems to be exactly
what we are looking for.

In the meantime, we think we have a work-around. Does the following sound
viable, or do you think it might it cause problems?

* Create a custom intercepting ClassLoader
* Start Ignite by directly calling IgnitionEx.start(URL springCfgUrl,
@Nullable ClassLoader ldr)
* Create the service instance using the new ClassLoader and deploy the
service as a node singleton.
* Ignite re-instantiates the service - but this is now handled by our
intercepting ClassLoader too. The ClassLoader ensures that the correct
version of the service class is loaded from the appropriate jar.

For the moment, we will use the service name to distinguish between versions
- though, as per the jira ticket, an explicit version number would be
welcome too.


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