Hi Alex,

How do you load the multiple caches in prod env? Do you always call the
loadCache method from client node. What if I do not have client server mode
configuration? I just have server nodes. How does one load the cache in
this scenario? Is it mandatory to use client-server node configuration?
How does one know that the cluster is formed and now its time to call
loadCache method?

I had used hazelcast in past, in case of hazel cast I just used to invoke
the loader using map.get method at server startup and the node which starts
first used to invoke the data loaders and all other nodes used to just
accept the data as a part of rebalancing (other nodes do not execute data
loader code).

Do we have some thing like this in ignite?


On Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 3:41 PM, Alexey Kukushkin <kukushkinale...@gmail.com
> wrote:

> I am not sure if it helps - please note that:
>    - loadCache() shall be called once. Call it on a client node and not
>    on the server nodes. What loadCache() does it just broadcasts request to
>    invoke CacheStore's loadCache() on every server node.
>    - loadCache() is optional - you use it if you want to "warm up" the
>    data. You still can start without calling loadCache() having no pre-loaded
>    data.
>    - First start the cluster and wait your final topology. Then connect a
>    client utility that would call loadCache().

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