Everything is clear now, our product version is ignite 1.7, now considering
2.3 migration, the whole conversation is very important to us, especially
the key point of how Off-Heap works.

Thank you so much.


Denis Mekhanikov wrote
> No, It's not like that.
> You can access any entry from any node, but access time will be different.
> If an entry is stored on a different node, Ignite will make a network
> request to that node and return it to you.
> If the entry is available locally, then the access time will be lower.
> And if you configure an oh-heap caching, and an entry is available
> locally,
> then the access time will be even lower.
> So, on-heap cache doesn't affect availability of records, it's just an
> internal enhancement to make access to some entries faster.
> If you enable it, you won't need to change any code, you will just get
> lower access time for some records, and higher memory consumption.
> And eviction policy is not determining, which entries are stored in the
> cache, but the entries, which have lower access time from local nodes.
> Denis
> чт, 1 мар. 2018 г. в 1:36, mamaco <

> mamaco@

> >:
>> So, that means even if I have a local cache with SortedEvictionPolicy
>> configured and OnHeap enabled,
>> it's still impossible to get the entries from a distributed partition
>> cache, because the source cache is not centralized.
>> And finally, the solution is to set a standalone SortedMap via
>> RemoteEventListener.
>> Correct?
>> Marco
>> Denis Mekhanikov wrote
>> Marco, If you access some records, that are stored in the off-heap
>> memory,
>> then you have to wait, while Ignite is deserializing the data and copying
>> it to Java heap. But if the needed entry is already available in Java
>> heap,
>> Ignite doesn't have to perform these steps to return the result, it can
>> just give you what it already has. So, the idea behind a Java heap cache
>> is
>> to make access to some specific entries faster. The entries, that are
>> kept
>> on the heap will be accessed way faster, than the once, that are stored
>> in
>> off-heap memory. Note, that all of this is true only for the local
>> records.
>> If you have multiple nodes, and you do a lot of cross-node reads, then
>> Java
>> heap cache won't help you much. Denis ср, 28 февр. 2018 г. в 20:41,
>> mamaco <[hidden
>> email]
>> &lt;http:///user/SendEmail.jtp?type=email&amp;email=mamaco%40&gt;>: > Hi
>> Denis, > > Thank you for the response, I appreciate it. > Yes, I agree
>> with
>> you, it could be done by various solutions, 'REST', > 'Event Listener' or
>> any standalone instance. > According to the new design you mentioned,
>> ignite stop the support of ' >
>> *setMemoryMode(CacheMemoryMode.ONHEAP_TIERED)*' use Off-Heap in default >
>> and force a switch setOnheapCacheEnabled in 2.0.0+ version, however, if
>> we
>> > can't get the entries straight from on-heap, what do on-heap policies
>> stand > for (sort/fifo/random). Because no matter what we do, it returns
>> the whole > thing. or the goal is just to make a faster cache? I don't
>> mean
>> to be > negative, I'm just curious about the truth under the hood. > >
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