In my case, config of application  will be1. 3 Nodes with 24GB RAM and up to
1TB of disk data 2. Ignite is embedded in Java web application server 3.
Azul Zing JVM with on heap Ignite cache of 16GB4. 100mbps network speed or
better5. each node will have to serve at least 10K req/sec. each request
will several SQL statements to executeI have few queries :Curious to know
How fast is Disk KV persistence ? since Ignite iterates over all keys and
indexes to do the computation. Is Disk KV persistence is as efficient as in
other stable NoSQL database like Cassandra ?Does the number of partitions
helps in better key lookup access from Disk ?If such performance level is
not possible can we attach different KV solution like  Xodus
<>  , BerkeyDB Java editon etc.Can I opt
for certain tables to be Disk only and never get cached on heap regardless
of access pattern 

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