Assuming Ignite Persistence,  you can create a cache in a specific Data
Regions, but I'm unclear whether this properties can be set per region.  We
are setting them in

org.apache.ignite.configuration.DataStorageConfiguration.   What you seem
to be asking for is to set these per Data Region.

               <property name="storagePath" value=

                <property name="walPath" value=

               <property name="walArchivePath" value=

On Fri, Apr 6, 2018 at 1:58 PM, Wilhelm <> wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm building a POC, right now I have Kafka feeding ignite with the
> constraint of having 1 topic per tenant for security reason (historical
> data
> is persisted to files per topic by Kafka and each "file" container is
> encrypted differently per customer)
> If I decide to use only ignite with the DataStream (instead of Kafka), how
> can I make sure the customer data will be separated to disk (like separate
> file or db per customer)? and how can I encrypt this cache file per
> customer?
> I hope that make sense. So I guess it come down to: can I have the ignite
> cache persisted in different file/db per some rules (like a customer id)?
> or
> does it needs to be in different ignite memory caches? or it is not
> possible?
> Thanks for your help
> w
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