Exactly - what is available for persistence, I was wondering if it is available 
for in-mem only.  So for now I'll just need to configure rebalance mode to 
non-NONE and live with point 1.  

Thanks evgenii!

From: e.zhuravlev...@gmail.com At: 08/15/19 11:37:16To:  Abhishek Gupta 
(BLOOMBERG/ 731 LEX ) ,  user@ignite.apache.org
Subject: Re: Rebalancing only to backups

Hi Abhishek,

That's how it works now if you have enabled Persistence. Actually, that's the 
main reason why BaselineTopology was introduced - we don't want to move a lot 
of data between nodes if we know that node will return soon after a failure: 
If you want to force rebalance, you can manually change the BaselineTopology.

As far as I know, BaselineTopology concept was also introduced for in-memory 
caches and will be released as a part of Apache Ignite 2.8. Also, there will be 
some configurable timeout, after which baseline topology will be changed 
automatically if you want it.

Best Regards,
чт, 15 авг. 2019 г. в 17:16, Abhishek Gupta (BLOOMBERG/ 731 LEX) 

(pardon me if this mail is by chance a duplicate - it got bounced back when I 
sent it earlier from nabble)

     I have 6 node grid and I've configured it with 1 backup. I want to have
partition rebalancing but only in the following way.
If one of the six nodes goes down, then some primary and backup partitions
go down with it but there is no data loss since the backup for those are
present on one of the other five nodes. So there is only single copy for
these paritions

i. At this point I do not want that the 5 nodes rebalance all the paritions
amongst themselves such that each one has 1 primary and 1 backup
ii. When this 6th node comes back up, I want the partitions in the other
nodes which are living with only a single copy, so hydrate this fresh 6th
one with copies of the partitions that has only one copy before.

Why i? Because I don't want a situation of cascading OOMs 
Why ii? Obvious reason so as to have the 2nd copy for all partitions.

Is this possible? If not what's the best way to come close to this?


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