Yes , 
That just refers to https proxy (meaning a proxy for https protocol) and not 
for an encrypted ssl/tls proxy . 
That option is exactly the same as ie Firefox -> SSL Proxy , that just means 
the proxy is proxying tls as well , not that the connection between client and 
proxy is encrypted using tls . 

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Did you try this:

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> Hello ,
> I am trying to use jmeter through an SSL/TLS proxy (meaning that 
> client to proxy connection is encrypted ) .
> All my tests work without the proxy.
> I can see no option in jmeter to use an SSL/TLS proxy (not a proxy for 
> https protocol but a full encrypted proxy server ) .
> To make things clear , when using from chrome the argument is chrome
> --proxy-server=https://****.*****.****:443 or in the pac file return 
> "HTTPS https://*****.*****.*****:443";;
> Thank you ,
> Akis

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