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> Greetings!
> I have been tasked with transitioning our load testing infrastructure from
> physical Windows servers to virtual machines running linux (Redhat
> Enterprise Linux 7, to be specific) hosted on VMware.  I am looking for
> input on how to spec the VMs in terms of number of vCPUs and RAM as well as
> number of VMs.  Would I be better off with fewer beefy VMs or more VMs of
> more modest specification?  At present, we have 5 physical servers where
> one machine is used as a master/controller and the other four are remote
> servers that run the test plans and generate load.  Should the master
> server be spec'ed differently from the remote servers?
> In the end, I need to be able to make a request to the department
> responsible for the VMware environment for a number of VMs with general
> specifications regarding # of virtual CPU, allocated RAM, and allocated
> disk space.  The hosts in the VMware farm appear to be running Intel Xeon
> E7-4860 v2 (Sandy Bridge) @ 2.6GHz CPUs
> Background on how we use JMeter:
> I work for a large university, with about 35K students and 10K
> faculty/staff, and we are using JMeter to load test our Oracle PeopleSoft
> ERP systems (HR, Finance, & Student Administration), when we do major
> software or hardware upgrades. We transitioned from HP Loadrunner to JMeter
> about 2 years ago with JMeter 3.x.  When load testing, our objectives are
> to verify that our server/database configurations are sufficient to handle
> the anticipated user load for events like student registration, housing
> sign-up, or employee annual benefits enrollment, as well as testing for
> reasonable response time for particular business processes, like initial
> user SSO login to the integrated ERP system, a student registering for
> classes, or generating a voucher to pay for something in the financials
> system.
> Thanks for the help!
> -- Scott Dean
>     North Carolina State University
>     Raleigh,  NC    USA
Rupesh Garg

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