Hi François,

my own UI is a Web UI sitting on top of my own REST service.
The UI part is actually not important for what I want to do.

In essence, I want a programmatic way of listing all Karaf commands.
Then I'll filter out just "my" Karaf commands (which implement my own interface 
in addition to extending OsgiCommandSupport).

Ultimately, I want to have my own set of functions exposed as Karaf commands (for 
development time and admins) and exposed as my own type of "command" on the Web 
UI (via REST for regular users).

I'm on Karaf 3.0.5, migrating to 4.1.x.


On 03/12/2018 07:56 PM, Francois Papon wrote:
Hi Max,

What do you mean by your own UI from ? It's a terminal or a webUI ? You
are using a custom distribution of Karaf ?


Le 13/03/2018 à 04:05, Max Spring a écrit :
I want to implement the ability to execute my own Karaf commands from
my own UI.
How can I list all command classes at runtime?

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