For Karaf 4.1.x, there is some example made by Jean-Baptiste for helping
to develop on Karaf.

Here the command example :


You can find others examples :


It will be include in a next Karaf release.


Le 13/03/2018 à 07:12, Max Spring a écrit :
> Hi François,
> my own UI is a Web UI sitting on top of my own REST service.
> The UI part is actually not important for what I want to do.
> In essence, I want a programmatic way of listing all Karaf commands.
> Then I'll filter out just "my" Karaf commands (which implement my own
> interface in addition to extending OsgiCommandSupport).
> Ultimately, I want to have my own set of functions exposed as Karaf
> commands (for development time and admins) and exposed as my own type
> of "command" on the Web UI (via REST for regular users).
> I'm on Karaf 3.0.5, migrating to 4.1.x.
> -Max
> On 03/12/2018 07:56 PM, Francois Papon wrote:
>> Hi Max,
>> What do you mean by your own UI from ? It's a terminal or a webUI ? You
>> are using a custom distribution of Karaf ?
>> François
>> Le 13/03/2018 à 04:05, Max Spring a écrit :
>>> I want to implement the ability to execute my own Karaf commands from
>>> my own UI.
>>> How can I list all command classes at runtime?
>>> Thanks!
>>> -Max

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