btw, we are using Kylin version 1.5.2

On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 2:03 AM, Sandeep Khurana <>

> Hello
> I have a query where i do group by on a varchar column. The column values
> are long sentences (not just single words). This column is part of a
> dimension table.
> When i select just from dimension table with this group by then I do
> get ~2000 records   .
> But when I join this dimension with the fact table and run the group by
> query then I get just 1 record as Kylin somehow assumes the VARCHAR column
> values as NULL. There is not even a single row which has value of this
> VARCHAR field as null.
> Same query I copy paste and run on the Hive tables, I do get more than
> thousand records.
> Strange thing is when I change the aggregate column to another VARCHAR
> column (city_name) whose values are just one word and run on kylin SQL
> editor then I do get proper records .
> 2 questions
> - Any idea why such behaviour ? Especially when Hive gives proper records
> whereas kylin returns just one record which has value of this big varchar
> field as NULL.
> - Is there any work around?

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