After ten years of development, we are happy to finally announce the
release of Neo4j 1.0.

It's available here:

For the kernel component this release includes documentation updates
together with bug fixes for all known bugs. For more information see:

Also included in this release is the Neo4j index component: (version 1.0)

You can download the kernel and index (together with some other useful
components) bundled together in the apoc package:

If you are using maven you can depend on the following (group id=org.neo4j):

   neo4j-apoc 1.0

or individual components:

   neo4j-kernel 1.0
   neo4j-index 1.0

Finally, let us just offer a huge thanks to everyone on this list, on
twitter and in the broader community. Without the feedback and energy
and passion and interest from all of you guys, all the endless nights
of staring through java.nio stacktraces would never be worth it. We
truly feel that 2010 is the year of the graph. Let's change the world.

The Neo4j team
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