Hello I'm familiarizing with Neo4j more and more.

After testing some rudimentary things I'm now trying to write my first
Neo4j application with the following Graph:

StartNode |----->CollectionType1--->CollectionType1_1
          |           |
          |           |------------>CollectionType1_2

There are off course more Collections than 2 and the Items of the
Collections are also more. 

Now I want define my Startnode as a really Startnode. and the Nodes
CollectionType1...CollectionTypeN as reference nodes.
Off course i can  get this nodes by GraphDataBaseService.getAllNodes() and
iterate then over the Iterable until i've found my Node. But I dunno the
Runtime Behavior if my nodespace becomes really big. Is there another Way
to define this Startnodes or other important Nodes.
I thank you for your help.


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