I'm trying to use Neo4j graph database to store a
large social network(more than 5,000,000 nodes) for academic research.

I need to compute the separation degree(path length) between any two nodes
in the graph then get the average degree of whole database.
The solution I'm using use now is archieved by executing API
but it means I need to execute (n*(n-1))/2 times to get all path length. I
don't think it's a very good idea :(

So, I'm wondering that is there any function which can assign one node and
whole DB as Input, and return the
paths or only path lengths between the node and all other nodes in the graph
as Output? Just like Dijkstra algorithm did.
I know there is a Dijkstra function in the API, but it only return the path
between two nodes.
It'll be really helpful for me if there is any function can return all the
result in one computation(even the whole result array computing by Dijkstra)

Or does anyone has better idea to deal with this issue?
I tried to implement Dijkstra by myself, but it was impossible to declare
such big 2D array in the program...(OutOfMemoryException)

If there is any advice, I'll really appreciate it.

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