Hi everyone,

I am using livy 0.4 with Spark 2.1.0 standalone cluster.I can create sessions
and run jobs. but 1 session takes up all the available resources. I have tried
setting up executorCores, numExecutors as well as spark.total.executor.cores.
this command works fine when running a session from cmd line  
                  ./spark-2.1.0/bin/pyspark --master spark://master:7077  
--executor-cores 2  --num-executors 1 --total-executor-cores 4

Not using Mixmax yet?  
post request on livy:8998/session

                  {    "kind": "pyspark",    "proxyUser": "root",    "conf": {  
      "spark.cassandra.connection.host": ",,",    
    "spark.executor.cores": 2,        "spark.total.executor.cores": 2,        
"livy.spark.driver.cores": 2,        "livy.spark.executor.cores": 2,        
"livy.spark.executor.instances": 1    },    "executorMemory": "1G",    
"executorCores": 2,    "numExecutors": 1,    "driverCores": 1,    
"driverMemory": "1G"}

Not using Mixmax yet?  

Is there any configuration I can do to limit the cores, so that I can run
multiple sessions on same cluster?

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