Ok. I have read that on the documentation :


 Rules are evaluated from top to bottom, and the first rule that matches the 
file name is the one that is chosen. 


But, in the API, if I PUT a new Job definition with the good order, ManifoldCF 
add included documents in first all the time. If I need to exlude in first, I 
can’t with API definition. I add the JSON at this email.


API have an order parameter for the Startpoint, included and excluded 
files/directories ?


(PS : I prefer exclude in first and include * to have a total control on the 
GED, to keep an eye on they documents)

(PS2 : I generate this JSON and send it with a python script and it working 




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Hi Maxence,


In the middle of job run, if you change the specification of what documents are 
included and excluded, the implementation of the connector determines how it 
will behave.  There is no guarantee that documents that are excluded will be 
removed, for example if the connector filters documents only when they are 
queued.  You may need to run the job a second time to be sure everything is 

So the official answer is that "it depends". 





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Hello Karl,


If I add on a job (in live) new files and directories to exclude, ManifoldCF 
delete old indexed files that meet these exclusions? Or I need to reseed all of 
my documents?


Thanks you.







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