Hi All,

We are PaaS team from Huawei Technologies Bangalore, India.   We are
pleased to announce that we have created a Mesos user group for Bangalore.

It would be awesome to build an active community around Apache Mesos in
Bangalore.  Please feel free to join us and spread the word to your friends

As a community we could discuss all the interesting use cases of Mesos,
different frameworks etcd.,  We could be a catalyst for new adopters as


Let us know if there is a standard group description for Mesos user
groups.  We would be happy to follow that.

We are really excited to meet you all.

Thanks in Advance,

PS: We actually did not even know that we should first reachout to the
user/dev email list before starting one.  By the time we learnt it from
this site http://mesos.apache.org/community/user-groups/ we had already
started it.  Hope this is okay. :-).  Hope this MUG will also be added in
that list. :-)

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