Hi all,

I recently did some performance testing on the v1 scheduler API and found that 
throughput is around 10x lower than for the v0 API. Using 1 connection, I don’t 
get a lot more than 1,500 calls per second, where the v0 API can do ~15,000. If 
I use multiple connections, throughput maxes out at 3 connections and ~2,500 
calls / s. If I add any more connections, the throughput per connection drops 
and the total throughput stays around ~2,500 calls / s. Has anyone done 
performance testing on the v1 API before? It seems a little strange to me, that 
it’s so much slower, given that the v0 API also uses HTTP (well, more or less). 
I would be thankful for any comments and experience reports of other users.


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