Is the library part of the image that you are running? Also you might need
to setup LD_LIBRARY_PATH in your env while launching the image so that the
container process knows where to look for the shared object.

On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 5:21 AM, Mark Hammons <
> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I've been working with the mesos containerizer to handle my docker
> containers
> recently. I created a docker container that requires, and the
> application within it runs well. But when I try to run it within the mesos
> containerizer I get an error saying doesn't exist.
> The application is being launched via java's process mechanism from inside
> a
> java thread in a custom java executor if that makes a difference.
> Any idea what could be causing this change in behavior? As you can see in
> the
> attached log file, I check /usr/lib, and a symbolic link to
> /usr/lib/x86..../
> exists in /usr/lib so the program should be able to find and
> load
> that....
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