I'm trying to understand some nuances of the maintenance API. Here are my

1. The documentation mentions that accepting or declining and inverse offer
is a "hint" to the operator. How do operators view if a framework has
declined, accepted or ignored an inverse offer?

2. Should a framework accept an inverse offer and then start removing tasks
from an agent or should the framework only accept the inverse offer after
the removal of tasks is complete? I think the former makes sense, but it
implies that operators need to poll the state of the agent to ensure there
are no active tasks whereas the latter implies operators only need to check
if all inverse offers were accepted.

3. After accepting the inverse offer, will a framework get another inverse
offer for the same agent? Currently I'm trying to determine if inverse
offer information needs to be persisted so a framework can continue it's
draining work between failovers or if it can just wait for an inverse offer
after starting up.

4. Is it possible for the agent to automatically transition from DRAIN to
DOWN if at the start of the unavailability period the agent is free of
tasks or is that still the operator's responsibility?

Zameer Manji

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