Hi Everybody,

We are trying to develop an Scheduler in Python to distribute processes
in a Mesos cluster.

I have close to 800 CPUs, but the system does not assign all the
available resources to all our tasks.

In order to test, we are defining: 1 CPU, 1Gbyte RAM per process in
order all the process fits on our machines. And launch several scripts
simultaneous in order to have Nprocs > Ncpus (close 900 tasks in total).

Our script is based on the test_framework.py example included in the
Mesos src distribution, with changes like if the list of tasks to launch
is empty, send an decline message.

We have deployed Mesos 1.1.0.

Any ideas in order the improvement the use of our resources?

Thx in advance!

Harold Molina-Bulla Ph.D.

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