I was just giving this setting a try. But some test task does not want 
to launch. Should I always have to set this in combination with 
domain_socket_location? I am getting "Failed to synchronize with agent 
(it's probably exited)"
This should not affect the way cni networks are provisioned, eg via 

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I think you could try this flag `----http_executor_domain_sockets` which 
was introduced in Mesos 1.10.0.

        --http_executor_domain_sockets: If true, the agent will provide a 
unix domain socket that the executor can use to connect to the agent, 
instead of relying on a TCP connection.

Qian Zhang

On Sat, Aug 8, 2020 at 4:59 PM Marc Roos <m.r...@f1-outsourcing.eu> 

        "it is imperative that the Agent IP is reachable from the container 
        and vice versa."
        Anyone know/tested if this can be an asymmetric route when you are 
        having multiple networks?

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