When I create this task[2], I am getting the error message: 

"There was a problem with your configuration
    general: App creation unsuccessful. Check your app settings and try 

I have the csi managed plugin running and can mount with the command 
line csc[1]. What should I look at to fix this?

# csc -e unix:///tmp/mesos-csi-Xxe00V/endpoint.sock  node publish --cap 
SINGLE_NODE_WRITER,mount,nfs --target-path /mnt/test --vol-context 

  "id": "app1",
  "instances": 1,
  "cpus": 1,
  "mem": 32,
  "cmd": "echo yes > xxx/file && sleep 3600",
  "container": {
    "type": "MESOS",
    "volumes": [
        "containerPath": "xxx",
        "mode": "rw",
        "external": {
          "provider": "csi",
          "name": "no-need",
          "options": { 
            "pluginName": "nfs.csi.k8s.io",
            "capability": {
              "accessType": "mount",
              "accessMode": "MULTI_NODE_MULTI_WRITER",
              "fsType": "nfs"
            "volumeContext": {
              "server": "",
              "share": "/mnt/test"

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