I hope nobody minds putting this here since the csi mailing list is on 
invitation only, and Jie Yu seems to be everywhere ;)

I am having some problems understanding how the cephcsi plugin works. I 
am using the csc[1] from the rexray people which I believe to have quite 
some history with the development of provisioning storage. I seem to be 
able to use this ok with several plugins like csilvm and csinfs and 
publish some volumes. 

However with the cephcsi plugin I seem to have to use a different 
arguments with the StageVolume/PublishVolume event and the CreateVolume 
When I create a volume with 'csc -e unix:///tmp/csiceph.sock controller 
create-volume' I can supply a volume name 'app-test2'. 
But when I want to stage/publish this volume with 'csc -e 
unix:///tmp/csiceph.sock node stage' I have to supply a volume ID 

Question: is this indeed correct according to the csi specification? It 
just looks weird to me especially that other plugins do not behave like 
this, or is this new?
I do not know why, but I get a bit the impression that cephcsi plugin is 
implementing fixes that need to be fixed in kubernetes. I honestly do 
not know why a csi plugin is trying to generate random image names, 
volume ids etc. If something needs to randomized then the OC is 
responsible for this not?



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