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> > Accounts don't die but communities do - giving anyone control of
> > accounts won't magically revive them.
> From what I have read here, there are still thousands of nodes running
> mesos. So I think d2iq would welcome any request that would stretch any
> kind of transition period. It would just look bad for any new client they
> get, if d2iq has a bad reputation for dumping support/products without any
> warning or appropriate migration solution. Don't you agree?

I agree it would look bad, but it's exactly what's happened.
Just look at the repositories, they haven't been updated this year. The
only commits in Mesos this year have been from non D2iQ employees.
Worse than that, following their press release that they were deprecating
the Mesos stack, they didn't even bother communicating with the community,
try to coordinate for a potential community take over, etc. Or even update
the project website.

The only reason the discussion on the future of Mesos started is because I
previously emailed the then PMC chair - who was a D2iQ employee - to ask
what they were planning.
At the time I even said the company I work for would be willing to take
some support contract but it didn't seem to be interesting.

So I really wouldn't expect anything since D2iQ - the company - had
seemingly lost all interest in Mesos. Which is fine from a business point
of view, but the community and project management were just terrible.

Note that I'm specifically talking about D2iQ the company, not individual
employees, some of which are doing their best to help keep us going forward.


> > Also, from a diversification point of view having a single person in
> > charge of all these is probably a bad idea -
> As opposed to having no control at all?
> > lack of diversification of probably one of the factors behind Mesos
> failure.
> I do not see mesos as a failure. I think if there was any failure, it has
> been more related to mesosphere/d2iq business strategy.
> Eg. I still think it is a bit 'dumb' to offer this DCOS as a binary blob.
> The trend is that businesses want to have guaranteed stable environments
> and OS stability is not a core business of software developers.
> > Really, you'd be better off moving on :).
> >
> I agree but that is a different discussion.
> So question still stands: Anyone on this list knows who is in control of
> the current source repositories?

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