Hmm, that makes a certain sense.

But then I seem to be getting errors like

ERROR: Error CREATEing SolrCore 'nutch': Unable to create core [nutch] Caused by: enablePositionIncrements is not a valid option as of Lucene 5.0

Like the Nutch schema is for a much older Solr ?

What version were you running ?

On 14/10/16 16:17, Felix von Zadow wrote:
I had the same problem a while ago; I accidentally forgot to supply the schema 
when creating a core and had the digest/string*s* problem. Here's some more 
explanation of what I did, I hope I remember correctly:

I am using (just like Markus suggested) the schema.xml from nutch which sets
<fieldType name="string" class="solr.StrField" ...
<field name="digest" type="string" ...

I duplicated the data_driven_schema_configs/conf/ configset and replaced the 
managed-schema file with Nutch's schema.xml so I have:

Core is created like so:
solr create -c corename -d my_config

Hope that helps,

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Yes, current Solr comes with a schemaless mode, which can cause errors in
some cases. It must be configured to use classic schema mode, then you provide
it with the schema.xml file you can find in Nutch' conf directory.


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I don't understand what you mean here. I am not a Solr expert, though
I've used it a bit in the past, though not with Nutch.

Is there a schema I should be feeding it ?


On 14/10/16 15:50, Markus Jelsma wrote:
Solr supports schemaless mode, which may be your case. Perhaps it made
your digest field multi valued. I'd suggest to use Solr's classic schema 
and a fixed schema.

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