One last reply...... Figured out how to do this:

In short, ntlm support for Nutch doesn't seem to work. You do, in fact, have
to use a proxy that supports it. The proxy I ended up using was cntlm at

Dont put any authentication in nutch.. just have it go to cntlm, with should
run on port 3128 locally...

In CNTLM, the "gotcha" is the proxy - for some reason, it absolutely
requires that it goes through some secondary proxy, even if you dont have
one running. What I did, which seemed to work, is I set it to my machine
name at port 80 (this could just be doing a pass through - port 80 is open
locally with IIS...)... Alternately, you could fire up Squid and have it go
through that...

Since I have no proxy, then i set my "NoProxy" in CNTLM to * ... As for the
rest, you have to set up the Username, Domain, Password, and Workstation
setting to match your environment.

I seem to be crawling now!

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