Few other internal links in the wiki are still not working. Could you please 
take a look at all of them?


´╗┐On 8/12/19, 8:18 AM, "Sadiki Latty" <sla...@uottawa.ca> wrote:

    Hey Sebastian,
    I have signed up for an account I will try to help out where/when I can. Is 
there a list/backlog of any issues that need to be resolved for the wiki?
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    Thanks, it's fixed now. The wiki has been migrated recently and looks like 
that inner links haven't been properly converted.
    If anybody is eager to help us and improve the Nutch wiki - you're welcome!
    Please assign for an account in the wiki. Nutch is a community project and 
we need your help. Thanks!
    On 8/9/19 5:39 PM, Dasari, Veda (Peterson Technology) wrote:
    > Hi
    > Few links on the tutorial that says here with a hyper link are not 
    > utorial-Setup_Solr_for_search

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