​It worked too. Thanks.

​owever, this was just a part the solution I am trying to develop.

I have a main process and bunch of sub processes. Each sub process is
registered in a central repository with a unique name. Sub processes may be
added or removed as required (with appropriate addition or removal from
central repository).
The request message to the main process has a list of sub processes to be
invoked for that particular request. For example, request-1 may need to
invoke sub-process-1 and sub-process-3 whereas request-2 may need to invoke
sub-process-2 and sub-process-3.
Thus I want to invoke the specified sub processes. Sub processes should
execute in parallel. At the end there should be a join to collate the
results of all sub processes.

Please suggest how can I achieve this?
Do I need all sub processes to have same interface (namespace, operations
and messages)? Till now I was trying with the SAME Sub process (same name,
same interface) deployed at 2 different locations. Now I am trying with
DIFFERENT sub processes (different names, same interface).

Any kind of help is appreciated.


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