Dear Gurus,

I want to customize the default provided themes and modify the accompanying css 
and other element.
I have successfully modified the logo of the themes 
(bluelight/flatgrey/tomahawk) and failed with Rainbowstone.
The previous 3 themes is done by replacing the logo.png and/or ofbiz_logo.gif 
under the themes folder "images", however this trick doesn't work for 

I spent almost one day in tracking where goes wrong and found that might be 
because of the CommonScreens.xml pre-configurations of the field 
Can any guru help and shed a new light on my problem?

Have a nice day!!!

Best Regards

Schumann Ye
KTK Group Co., Ltd.
Add: Industrial Park,Yaoguan Town,Wujin District, Changzhou City, JiangSu 
Zip Code: 213102

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