Dear Julien,

After a second trial, I found that I have to remove the file 
rainbowstone/images/ofbiz-white.svg so that the pre-defined logo is gone.
Obviously simply replacing the file ofbiz_logo.gif is not enough.
Thanks for your help and now the issue is resolved!


发件人: Schumann Ye <>
发送时间: 2018年3月6日 19:32
主题: 答复: OFBiz Theme Customization

Dear Julien,

Many thanks for your quick response.
Unfortunately it seems there isn’t ofbiz_logo.svg file within the folder 
There is only the file “ofbiz_logo.gif”.
BTW, I am using the official release of 16.11.03 instead of trunk.

What I did is to replace the new customized logo with the pre-installed 
However it didn’t work.

Any further idea?
Enclosed I attached a screen shot of my deployment.

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发件人: Julien NICOLAS<>
发送时间: 2018年3月6日 18:04
主题: Re: OFBiz Theme Customization

Hi Ye,

If you inspect the logo (right click on the logo and inspect in your
browser), you will find that the css manage the logo path.

You will see that this logo is the vectorial version one. Here after the
path :


Have a nice day :)


Le 06/03/2018 à 10:20, Schumann Ye a écrit :
> Dear Gurus,
> I want to customize the default provided themes and modify the accompanying 
> css and other element.
> I have successfully modified the logo of the themes 
> (bluelight/flatgrey/tomahawk) and failed with Rainbowstone.
> The previous 3 themes is done by replacing the logo.png and/or ofbiz_logo.gif 
> under the themes folder "images", however this trick doesn't work for 
> Rainbowstone.
> I spent almost one day in tracking where goes wrong and found that might be 
> because of the CommonScreens.xml pre-configurations of the field 
> "layoutSettings.commonHeaderImageLinkUrl".
> Can any guru help and shed a new light on my problem?
> Have a nice day!!!
> Best Regards
> Schumann Ye
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