Which OFBiz version do you use?
OFBiz on localhost runs on the https port 8443 (not 8442) for backoffice
applications and 8080 (http) for eCommerce, so make sure that the 8443 port
is not used by other processes.

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2018-03-07 14:07 GMT+01:00 jondon1...@gmail.com <jondon1...@gmail.com>:

> I went through all instructions couple of times but when I go
> localhost:8442/accounting I get a message that local host refused to
> connect.
> I have Java installed and system variables added but I cannot have this
> right.
> I am new to ofbiz but I read somewhere that tomcat is embedded.
> Do I need Tomcat on my laptop? If so, I have an Apache server installed on
> my Windows 8.1.
> When I try to run Tomcat I get a message:
> "Make sure you have Java JDK or JRE installed and the required ports are
> free"
> Are these two, that is, ofbiz and Apache Server are  in conflict?
> I would really appreciate your help.
> P.S. I simply want to install ofbiz to play with it and check its
> functionality.

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