Hi Jondon ,

Saw your message now , I feel sorry that you  did not have a good install

Incidentally today i had to demo / train someone on how to install OFBiz on
ubuntu / debian .
>From download to getting the login screen it was not more than hour ,
this included making notes by the trainee and answering some of his queries.

The installation instructions may be brief , but i wonder why it took 4

After installing a better place to start may be:

Are you sure you typed https://localhost:8443/accounting
http://localhost:8443/accounting may not really work.

I would suggest you open :


On Fri, Mar 9, 2018 at 10:39 PM, jondon1...@gmail.com <jondon1...@gmail.com>

> The installation instruction are bunch of rubbish.
> It simply say to run ofbiz with two commands.
> This is my 4th day and I cannot start it
> On windows 8.1 only gradle services are downloaded and then nothing.
> On windows 7 is goes a bit further. It says that build was successful but
> when I go to localhost:8443/accounting the page is not working.
> I wanted simply to play with it but I cannot even open - what a JOKE!!!

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