Hi Jondon,

sorry that you have those difficulties.

If you follow the comprehensive README file in the root of the project, it should be only minutes to get OFBiz up and running OOTB.

For good support, you should explain where the problems are else it would be difficult to help.


Michael Brohl
ecomify GmbH

Am 09.03.18 um 18:09 schrieb jondon1...@gmail.com:
The installation instruction are bunch of rubbish.
It simply say to run ofbiz with two commands.
This is my 4th day and I cannot start it
On windows 8.1 only gradle services are downloaded and then nothing.
On windows 7 is goes a bit further. It says that build was successful but when 
I go to localhost:8443/accounting the page is not working.

I wanted simply to play with it but I cannot even open - what a JOKE!!!

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