Dear Rajesh,

Have you tried using the tab "Suppliers" with the link below?

If I understand your question correctly, MOQ in ERP/MRP II/MRP could be used 
for business processes calculation like triggering a new purchase requisition 
when a certain demand could not be met.
Normally it applies to the purchased item, however, theoretically it could be 
also set for manufactured item.

In your example, it's the latter case.

Back to your another question, if you create a record for "product_attribute", 
which gives us only a link between product_id and the attr_name/attr_value.
Based on what I have seen in, it seems the field value of 
"product_attribute" is not considered during MRP run.
So I think the chance is little.

Let us know if there is any progress.



发件人: Rajesh Mallah <> 
发送时间: 2018年4月14日 22:21
主题: usage of product attributes

Hi ,

I wanted to store minimum order quantity (MOQ) at product level.
going by the OOTB product management screen  eg:
i do not apparently see a place to store it.

can/should I be using "Attributes"  for storing such attributes ?
I also wanted to store "Maximum Order Quantity"  and some more custom details 
about the product.


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