Hi Schumann ,

I was wanting MOQ ( minimum order quantity ) for the purpose of
selling the product. The MOQ under suppliers of product is for purchase.

It does not hurt me in current application. Hence i am using product


On Mon, Apr 16, 2018 at 6:30 AM, Schumann Ye <schumanny...@hotmail.com>

> Dear Rajesh,
> Have you tried using the tab "Suppliers" with the link below?
> https://demo-stable.ofbiz.apache.org/catalog/control/EditProductSuppliers?
> productId=WG-9943
> If I understand your question correctly, MOQ in ERP/MRP II/MRP could be
> used for business processes calculation like triggering a new purchase
> requisition when a certain demand could not be met.
> Normally it applies to the purchased item, however, theoretically it could
> be also set for manufactured item.
> In your example, it's the latter case.
> Back to your another question, if you create a record for
> "product_attribute", which gives us only a link between product_id and the
> attr_name/attr_value.
> Based on what I have seen in MrpServices.java, it seems the field value of
> "product_attribute" is not considered during MRP run.
> So I think the chance is little.
> Let us know if there is any progress.
> Thanks
> HIH.
> Schumann
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> 主题: usage of product attributes
> Hi ,
> I wanted to store minimum order quantity (MOQ) at product level.
> going by the OOTB product management screen  eg:
> https://demo-stable.ofbiz.apache.org/catalog/control/
> EditProduct?productId=WG-9943
> i do not apparently see a place to store it.
> can/should I be using "Attributes"  for storing such attributes ?
> I also wanted to store "Maximum Order Quantity"  and some more custom
> details about the product.
> regds
> mallah.

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