I started testing ofbiz by configuring en empty database to build a data model 
from scratch. I do have first question (more to come I guess):
(1) How can I update exchange rates and unit of measure conversions?
(2) How can I create / delete FX rates and units of measures?
(3) I created  the admin user using the following command: ./gradlew 
loadAdminUserLogin -PuserLoginId=MyUserName
This allows me to log into ofbiz. I created now an employee and wanted to 
connect this employee with the   MyUserName. This creates an error saying the 
user name already exists. Is there a workaround for this?
(4) I cannot find a howto to configure BIRT. Please point me to one
(5) When logging in, ofbiz goes to my portal poage and opens with a very long 
error message. This message does not prevent me from working, but still.... 
org.apache.ofbiz.widget.renderer.ScreenRenderException: Error rendering screen 

Thank you.


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